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Feb 19th, 2012
Jason takes his two girls hiking on the Steven's Trial in Colfax.  His 4 year old makes 3 miles.  His 6 year old completes the entire hike.  For their efforts both are rewarded with Power Bars and water.  Isn't that horrible?

Feb 11th, 2012
Brashears and Jason begin documenting Foresthill OHV by starting with Loop 4. 
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Feb 5th, 2012
Jason takes Matt Fortier on his inaugural trip to the Foresthill Loop.  Aided by his super human Crossfit strength, and bacon, Matt conquers then celebrates with a bloody mary at Awful Annie's downtown Aurburn.  Nothing documented but a good time nonetheless. 

Dec 31st, 2011
Jason redeems himself from a failed attempt to make it to the Peter Grubb Hut on a similar night hike a year ago with Ian and Mitch.  Difference on this trip was the preloaded waypoints in the Garmin Oregon 450.  Video is available for both attempts.  Along for the hike is Chris Hatton.  Chris did most of the narration for this hike which he seemed to adapt quite well to.  After this trip Chris has been unofficially appointed as the new spokes person for SacOutdoors.
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Dec 26th, 2011
On a routine Granite Bay ride, Truxal goes over the handle bars hard on the way back to the truck.  In the fall he breaks his clavicle and...
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Nov 24th, 2011
Truxal goes for his annual Bullards Bar loop and adds a new ride to SacOutdoors.  Awesome video footage.  This a winter ride on this trail is completely different then in the summer.
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Foresthill OHV - Loop 4
Saturday Feb 11, 2012

Starting to document the different trails at the Foresthill OHV.  Jason and Brashears only had time for an quick up and back but were able to complete the loop despite it being cold and wet.  Missed a couple of crashed because we were trying to save battery.  Buying backups so it won't happen again.  Better just let the camera continually film.  Lesson learned.  Video will be posted within the next week.

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