Peter Grubb Hut

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Crew: Chris Hatton, Jason Jeffery

Fun Factor:

  (4 out of 10) 


2.8 mi. (one way), 5.6 mi. (round trip)

Min Elevation:  7,255 ft

Max Elevation:  7,992 ft

Elevation Gain:  733 ft

Time Moving: 2 hr 25 minutes

Total Time (with breaks): 3 hrs 15 min

Estimated Calorie Burn: 750

Favorite Bar: The Rainbow Lodge (

Pleepleus References:
Top of PageHike Summary
I've never written a review about a hiking destination but you can't just go around stuffing your face and writing reviews without a dash of exercise once in a while, can you? During Wintertime in the Tahoe/Donner backcountry, a plethora of near death experiences await you, hence cometh the Peter Grubb hut - a safety hut to rest your laurels or save your life.

The Grubb Hut is available for reservations at a mere $15 and all you need to do is get there. Sounds easy huh? Dependant on the season this could be anything from a slightly strenuous 2 hour hike to a helicopter out snowshoe failure! Take GPS, check the weather and you'll be just fine.

The hike boasts amazing scenery and it won't be long before the backcountry silence becomes a spiritual haven of both tranquility and uneasiness. We hiked in December after a period of little snow which made it achievable but challenging with hiking boots. If you want to up the ante a little, drink beer, leave late and complete it in the dark with GPS and a general concern for your well-being. What amazed me is just how much you can still see at night.

Once there, the Grubb hut is a very basic safety hut - communal sleeping loft, fire/stoves, seating etc. You may get lucky and get some solar generated light. You may get unlucky and have a parasite ridden dog there! You really have to revel in the adventure of it all as the sleeping conditions are not quite the Ritz Carlton. My advice for a good night's sleep is to pack enough wine to feed an academy and drink until you pass out.
The return hike boasts great views of castle peak and you have a longer option to the left with more scenery. All in all, it was a great experience and the near death experiences never quite came. Well unless you count conversing with 4 Yelp employees at the hut. In their mid-20's, all as sober as a German Math Professor and in bed by 8! What is the youth of today coming to? They didn't make em like that years ago ;)

- Chris Hatton
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