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Not much to say here really.  Pho Bac Hoa Viet is actually very functional because it servers beer within walking distance of RPM.  Before or after both work equally as well.  If you have time, the food is actually pretty good here too.

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Go Kart Racing - RPM

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Crew: Jason Jeffery & Chris Hatton

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Favorite Bar:  Pho Bac Hoa Viet (Vietnamese Restaurant out front of RPM)

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Well this activity is pretty straightforward.  Show up, hit the gas, and go like hell.  Lots of fun for all ranges.  RPM supplies everything you need to race except the shoes and socks so don't wear flip flops.  First time you go it can get a little spendy because you have to buy a membership that is good for one year.  There is usually some sort of incentive that makes it a little more affordable.  They did run a Groupon a short time ago.  That was a great deal so look for it on your favorite "Half Off Sacramento" website.  If not search for a coupon on their website.  They usually offer some kind of a promotion or discount.

We usually suggest to get a couple of hot laps when you buy your racing package.  The reason we like this is that it allows you to get in a race and feel out what it is like then take a small break between races.  Make sure you let the staff know you want to do this or they usually try to push you right through. With a small break you can talk a little trash with your friends, get some water, and take time to talk strategy with your friends that might be a little slower.  You can also get out of car that may not perform as well as some others.  I think RPM does a pretty good job keeping the karts in working order but there are definitely some times where you can get a kart that slips more then the rest or seems a little sluggish.  If you ever run into anything that is really bad you can also get pull into the pits and exchange your kart but don't expect to get additional time for stopping.

They do offer food but the service upstairs is usually not very fast or later in the evening sometimes no-existent.  There is also a Subway inside for those of you who like Subway.  RPM is usually open pretty late but please always check the website and call in advance.

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There are two tracks inside RPM and on Monday's they put the two together to make a single track!  This really adds an extra dimension to the race track and also provides greater opportunity to pass slower traffic.  Again always call or check the website because this can change.

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