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Interested in becoming one of our website sponsors? 

Well, there is only one way to become a sponsor for our site.  We have to visit your restaurant, buy product from your store, or drink one of your beers while we are on one of our trips.  In addition to that we have to had a great time at your location or received really good service or got so drunk we forgot the whole experience all together.  In that case we loved it but you may want to drop us a line to refresh us about our good time.

Now, we are always looking for our next adventure.  That being said, there are three things that can be done to move you to the top of our visiting list.

  • ONE: You sway us to visit you by providing an enticing offer to come visit your fine establishment and partake in your uniquely refreshing offerings.  By that we mean something that you do different that would give us some good material for our website.  In that case, we would be forced to take that offer into serious consideration.
  • TWO: You can offer our visitors a discount offering to come to your establishment.  Things that we take into consideration are 2 for 1 cocktails or beverages.  We can make a printable coupon that our visitors could print our OR take a picture of on their cell phones.
  • THREE: You can do both of the above.  This is our personal favorite and we hope you pick this options.

To follow through with one of these (please pick number three) please fill out our simple form below.  We look forward to planning a trip near you soon.  We appreciate your support and look forward to visiting your establishment soon.  Cheers!

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