Hole In The Ground

Elevation Gain: 2097 ft.
Distance: 15 mi.
Difficulty: 8 + (black diamond)

This is one of our favorite rides, epic!  This is a pretty advanced ride with some serious climbing in the beginning.  You will be rewarded with some amazing views and phenomenal downhill.  Plenty of technical spots and tons of single-track.

Getting There:  From Sacramento, take 80E to the Donner Pass exit.  Exit to the left over the freeway and take a right.  Go up the hill until it ends, you will see the trailhead where you will come out.  Other cars will be parked around here.

The Ride:  Head back across the highway and continue up Donner Pass Rd.  Just over 1 mi. on the pavement you will come to the sign for ??, also called Bunny Hill Rd.  Take a left and climb a fire road for just over 1 mi.  Nothing technical but a good warm-up, all fire roads.  This will take you to the Boreal parking lot.  Ride thru the lot and cross under Hwy. 80 and turn right up the paved road.  This will turn into a dirt road and keep going.  After the 5 mi. marker you will turn left and start some steep single-track climbing with a couple of switch backs.
You end up near the top of Andesite Peak with some great views.  From here its mostly good times!  Some awesome downhill's and all single-track.  The rest of the trail is easy to follow until mi. 14.  You will hit some fire road downhill and turn left, follow this for about 1mi. and  watch for a turn to the left back onto single-track.  This will drop you right onto the road where you should be parked.

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