Forrest Hill Loop - Auburn, CA

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11 mi.

Elevation Range:  1500 ft.

Time Pedaling:

Total Time (with breaks):

Favorite Bar: Auburn Alehouse

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Getting there: Take 80E to Foresthill Rd. exit.  Head E over Foresthill Bridge.  At 730 ft. it is the 3rd highest bridge in the U.S.  From the bridge it is approx. 3.5 mi. to the parking lot of the trailhead on your left.

This trail is a loop with the 1st half being more uphill.  After crossing Foresthill Rd. you will enjoy several fast downhill sections that are well worth the climbs at the beginning.  There is nothing to technical to discourage a beginner rider other than being out of shape.  

After passing over the gate, the trail heads to your left on a gradual climb for just over .5 mi and then you come to an intersection.  You will arrive back here from the left at the end of the ride.  Go left and enjoy a quick downhill before you start some climbing. The trail is pretty easy to follow from here on.  At a couple of points you come to fire road.  Just go left until you pick up the single-track again.  After about 4 mi. you pop out onto pavement.  Go right about 100 ft. and you will see the trail pick up again on you right.  

At about 4.5 mi. you come to Rucky Chucky Park.  It is a fire road entrance.  Just continue heading E across the way you are heading and you will see a bar gate.  Go around and get back on the trail.  You have a nice 1 mi. climb ahead of you until you get to Foresthill Rd.

When you get here, watch for traffic and then cross and head to your right.  About .25 mi. up you will see the trailhead again.  This is a good spot to take a break if you want; there is a picnic table to relax at for a bit.  Get ready to enjoy some fun, fast single-track.

No worries from here about following the trail, until about 9.5 mi.  You will come to a Y, stay left and head back towards Foresthill Rd.  To the right is the Foresthill Connector, a fun 3+ mi. section we will cover elsewhere.

Once back at the road, cross and go left about 100 ft.  You will pick up the trail and continue on until you reach the intersection mentioned at the beginning.  Head right and enjoy the last .5 mi. downhill back to the car.
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After this ride, we highly recommend some cold beer at the Auburn Alehouse.  Check back and see if we can get a sponsor so you can enjoy some discounted suds and grub.
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