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Thank you to Kita Keen (owner and bartender) for an ice cold beer and lunch.  Very rustic and authentic to the area.  Saloon is located on 34 N, Main Street, Colfax, CA 95713.  Offerings include food, spirits, electronic darts, internet jukebox, pool tables, and sports on TV. 

No coupon available but you can get free pool every Tuesday night and beers are always $3.50.  Cash bar only so remember to stop at the US bank on the corner before you head in.

Stevens Trail - Colfax, CA

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Crew: Tim Cser and Jason Jeffery

Fun Factor:

(4 out of 10)


Trail Type: Out and back

4.5 mi. (one way), 9 mi. (round trip), we only did 5.14 so that is what is documented here.

Elevation Gain:  1,363 ft

Min Elevation:  1,500 ft

Max Elevation:  2,403 ft

Moving Time : 1 hr 7 minutes

Elapsed Time: 1 hr 22 min

Estimated Calorie Burn: 660

Favorite Bar: Railhead Saloon

Pleepleus References: (shirt not worn)
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This trail had several off shoots on it.  In general stay to the uphill side to stay on the Stevens Trail. 

Remember, as you are going in you are mostly going downhill so leave enough energy to hike back out.  It is pretty easy to get sucked in by the views.  I would highly suggest water because there was some shade but still a lot of sun exposure as well.  A Powerbar or something would have also been nice.  I would think either trail shoes or hiking boots would work on this trail.

Tim and I ran into a couple of hikers that suggested to take an inner tube.   Once you reach the bottom of the hike (or one of the off shoots) then you can take the river to a spot where someone can pick you up in a car.  Need to find out more about how to exactly do this.  I think we will return soon to try this out though.
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