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Dominick's is a very easy stop on your way out from this ride.  Cool atmosphere and they don't go easy on the poor.  Awesome food too.  Worth the stop.

Granite Bay, CA

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Crew: Jason Jeffery and Erik Truxal

Fun Factor:

    (5 out of 10, easy blue)

Scenic: (great views of the lake)

Loop: Starting at Twin Rocks Road

6+ mi. (round trip)

Elevation Gain:  365 ft

Time Pedaling: 45 minutes

Total Time (with breaks): 1 hrs

Favorite Bar: Dominick's

Pleepleus References: 0
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Total Elevation gain: 365 ft.
Distance: 6 + mi.
Difficulty: 5 (easy blue)

This is a great ride for all skill levels and one of the closest to Sacramento & Roseville.  Other than 1 or 2 small sections that can be walked, this trail is full of single-track for beginner riders.  There are also plenty of sections and side routes to test intermediate riders.  If you look to the sides there are plenty of rocks and tree stumps to test your free ride ability.  To see some of these, check out our video section!

Although there are many miles to ride in Granite Bay over by the beaches and main entrance all the way to Beals Point, the best riding is over by Twin Rocks Rd.  There are some horse trails that mountain bikes are not allowed on, so pay attention to signs.

Getting there: From 80, take Douglas Blvd. E, turn left at Auburn Folsom Rd.  Follow for approx. 2 mi and turn right on Twin Rocks Rd.  Take this until it makes a sharp left, Boulder Rd.  Park here.

After passing through the gate you will see trailheads on the left.  The 1st 2 are horse only.  You can take either of the next two, 3rd and 4th, on the left.  They are a loop so you can take either one.

If you take the 3rd it is a short climb to start.  After approx 1 mi. you come to a 3-way intersection.  To the right will complete your loop, straight is to the road and left will continue your ride.

If you take the 4th it will take you about 2 mi. to reach the intersection.  Now right takes you to the road, left completes your loop and straight continues your ride.

If you continue riding after about .75 mi. you come to a parking lot.  Directly across you will see the continuation of the trail.  Follow it, staying close to the lake until it breaks right up a quick hill.  Follow this trail for approx. 1 mi. more and you arrive at Dotons Point.  You can continue but the trail is weak at this point, best to turn and ride what you just came from.  When you come back to parking lot and cross, be sure to stay to the left.  There are 2 horse trails that branch right.  Follow this back to the 3-way intersection and go straight or right to get you back to the entrance.  Back at the fire road entrance you can make a left and head towards the lake and there are several more miles of single-track that is flat and stays near the water.

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